Reading Greek with the Desert Fathers: An Intermediate Greek Reader

A Better Way to Learn New Testament Greek

Reading Greek with the Desert Fathers offers a unique blend of linguistic skill-building and spiritual enrichment for students of New Testament Greek. This intermediate reader harmonizes the profound teachings of the early Desert Fathers with the style and vocabulary of the New Testament, providing a seamless learning experience that enhances both language proficiency and understanding of early Christian perspectives.

Crafted for students who have foundational knowledge of Koine Greek, the book presents original writings from these early ascetics, expertly adapted to align with the Greek used in the New Testament. This approach not only facilitates the practical acquisition of language skills but also deepens the students’ connection with the original languages of the Bible. Whether used in an academic settings or for personal growth, this reader is a key tool for anyone seeking to explore the richness of New Testament Greek and the timeless wisdom of the Desert Fathers.

Note: In an attempt to help those who cannot afford a resources like this, the book is available for FREE as a PDF. Feel free to download your copy HERE.

If you are looking for the original source texts for this work, you can download it as a Word Doc or as a PDF.



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“Timothy Brady’s Reading Greek with the Desert Fathers: An Intermediate Greek Reader is a wonderful way to build your Greek reading skills while also learning more about a fascinating period of church history.”

Robert L. Plummer, Ph.D.
Founder, Daily Dose of Greek
Collin and Evelyn Aikman Professor of Biblical Studies
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


“Reading Greek with the Desert Fathers by Timothy Brady offers a great resource for extensive reading of Greek at the intermediate level. Brady’s adapted text promotes reading fluency in New Testament Greek while providing a unique entry point for reading the Desert Fathers.”

Jennifer Noonan, Ph.D.
Instructor of Old Testament and Women’s Leadership
Columbia International University


“This book is a Greek Teacher’s dream. Not only is the Greek modified to perfectly serve biblical Greek students, the selected texts are both interesting and spiritually instructive. I can confidently hand this to students who have finished first year Greek and know that the resource will help them expand their facility in the Biblical

Timothy E. Miller, Ph.D.
VP of Academics, Dean of Faculty
Shepherds Theological Seminary

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