Anabaptism: From its Rise at Zwickau to its Fall at Münster 1521–1536

A History of Anabaptism: From its Rise at Zickau to its Fall at Münster 1521–1536 was published as part of a collection of Baptist manuals designed to provide historical and biographical background to the development of European Baptists. It is a highly valuable resource thanks to Heath’s painstaking attention to detail and ability to make much of the historical resources that were available to him. His work shows a determined pursuit of the causes and instigators of the Anabaptism movement, and a sincere interest in a fair exposé of what he terms, the “Poor Man’s Faith.”

In this revised edition, we have updated the formatting to help readers follow along more easily. Antiquated terminology is smoothed over while retaining the sense of the original author’s work. We have also updated minor spelling issues where appropriate, and updated the format of some Scripture references. This revised edition offers a highly valuable resource for tracing the roots of Anabaptism as well as a riveting description of notable events in the formation of the movement.


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