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The Baptism Debate
Understanding and Evaluating Reformed Infant Baptism

Should the church baptize infants? This question has been an issue of debate for over 1500 years. The Baptism Debate provides a fresh look at the Reformed perspective on infant baptism. After thoroughly explaining and examining the Reformed position on infant baptism, this book provides a genuine and thoughtful analysis of Reformed covenant theology and its implications for infant baptism. Grounding the conclusions in a robust analysis of the biblical texts, The Baptism Debate helps the reader understand baptism and answer the question of whether the church should baptize infants.

“In a day when doctrinal distinctives are being downplayed and evangelical ecumenism is promoted, it can be very unpopular to insist on biblical accuracy in an area that some might call “secondary.” Peter Goeman is concerned, however, that Christians who are lovely people can still be wrong! But it is not just a matter of simple disagreement on “secondary issues” that concerns Goeman. He knows that some doctrines have effects beyond a classroom debate. Such is the practice of infant baptism. Other doctrines are affected by this practice, even soteriology. With all of his evident concern, Goeman does not engage in insults, but in an even-handed discussion of the biblical significance of baptism. I appreciate his informed theological approach and pray that this volume will have a wide effect. His concerns need to be heard.”

William Varner, Professor of Biblical Languages and Bible Exposition, The Master’s University, Santa Clarita, CA

“Peter Goeman provides a superb resource that fairly critiques the belief in and practice of paedo-baptism common in Reformed circles. He also offers a clear understanding of the strong scriptural support for believer’s or biblical baptism. Anyone desiring to correctly understand this key issue will find this book a great help for their understanding of God’s intentions for His followers.”

Michael Grisanti, Professor of Old Testament, The Master’s Seminary

“The question of whether to baptize their infant children is a significant challenge for many Christian parents. In his new book, The Baptism Debate, Peter Goeman carefully examines the best arguments for infant baptism and shows from Scripture that only those who profess faith in Christ should be baptized. Goeman’s work is thoroughly researched, clearly written, and exegetically compelling. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone who is wrestling with this issue!”

Matt Waymeyer, Associate Pastor at Grace Immanuel Bible Church and Academic Dean of The Expositors Seminary, in Jupiter, FL